13th October 2007 – Day summary of my photojournalism

13th October 2007, Saturday – Today was a busy day of taking photographs for me, this was my photojournalism schedule.

– Birding at Bukit Timah Monsoon Canal (near Coronation Plaza)
– Takashimaya 14th Annual Fashion Show ~ 5pm show
– Super Import Nights Roadshow @ Cineleisure
– Rugby match @ Padang
– Da:NS Festival ~ Sayaw -Dance of Philippines @ Esplanade

I had a fun time with my DSLR, although, I still need to brush up on handling my 70-200mm F4 L, still have blur photos due to physical weak handling of the telephoto lense. I would be writing up on my adventures in the next few days.

Well, to kick start, first and foremost, I was on my way to meet Cousin Ching Ching for lunch at Bukit Timah and I was crossing over the overhead bridge near Coronation Plaza and I spotted birds in the monsoon canal, looking out for their prey (fish).

The migratory birds would be arriving soon from the Northern Hemisphere and I look foward to visiting Sungei Buloh to do birding photography. It had been some years since I visited Sungei Buloh.

Many photography plans/projects/visits on hand, I would update on my blog here when my plans started rolling off. Do keep a lookout for the next few days on my photo taking adventures.

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