Fashion photoshoot @ Takashimaya

The Singapore Fashion Festival 2007 is currently running at the moment and there are various fashion show events being held in different shopping complex.

I made my way down to Takashimaya for their 14th Anniversary Fashion Show and managed to enjoy and take a fashion photoshoot that started at 5pm. They have other shows before that but I did not manage to be there in time for all the fashion shows. Some of the brands on show at 5pm were Reebok, Kappa and Billabong. I am getting a stronger interest in this field of photography especially after getting hold of my telephoto lense Canon 70-200 F4 L USM, it gave me another perspective of photo taking and enjoyment.

I confess that my usage of my telephoto lense is still limited and I have not fully master this superb lense yet, thus some of my photographs were disappointing (blur due to handshake, weak handling, poor decision of shutter speed selection).

Presenting some of my “just passed” fashion shoot photographs:


Thanks for viewing, folks !


  1. Wah! Must be very enjoyable!

  2. Thanks !

    It was enjoyable to take different types of photography and enjoy my passionate photography indulgence.

    Still need to master my telephoto lense!

  3. do you have more pics from the fashion show ?

  4. Hi tongen, thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I do have more photos from this particular fashion photoshoot. However, as I have not fully master my telephoto lense at that time, majority of the photos “cannot make it” (blur & shake).

    Would love to view your blog but I can’t seem to get to your blog.

    Keep in touch !

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