A Changed World-Singapore Art 1950s-1970s

The World today is Changing, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly. How does Change affects a country? How does Change affects Singapore in the 19th century till today in the 20th Century? There had been so many changes in Singapore, from a sleepy fishing village to a major hub for the shipping route and today, it’s a major cosmopolitan country in the world. A Changed World seeks to explore the development of Singapore’s art scene in light of the rapid changes that took place in Singapore after the Second World War.


Walking through the A Changed World exhibition, it was like walking into a time machine and going back in time to Singapore’s history. The beautiful and amazing artworks by the talented artists were so powerful and absorbing, visitors were able to feel the artists’ own engagement with changes in Singapore’s political, economic, social and urban landscape, and how they expressed their responses through their beautiful and mesmerising artworks. From the post-war period till the 1970s, there are over 120 paintings, drawings , prints and sculptures from the National Collection.


When you are walking through the various artworks in the various segments such as Building A Nation, Embracing Modernism etc in the Exhibition Gallery, read the words and thoughts by the various artists that were penned down beside their works. You would be able to reinforce the words and thoughts that were put across when you are viewing their artworks. There are some artworks that blew me away, one of them is the oil on canvas painting by Lai Kui Fang, his big oil painting is on the “Construction of Sheares Bridge”. Do visit the exhibition and spot this oil canvas painting, you cannot miss it because it is not only big, it is also very beautifully painted!


Exhibition Details

Title: A Changed World – Singapore Art 1950s-1970s

Location: National Museum of Singapore, Exhibition Gallery 2, Basement

Period of Exhibition: 25th October 2013 to 16th March 2014

Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm (Last Entry at 630pm)

Admission: Free

Spread the word, tell your family members, loved ones and friends! Visit A Changed World and experience for yourself the history, developments and changes in Singapore’s (political, economic, social and urban) landscapes through the eyes and artworks of the various talented artists. It’s like going back in time, walking through the timeline of Singapore’s growth and development through Singapore Arts from the 1950s to the 1970s.


Through my photography journey over the past 25 years, I am able to appreciate the artworks, paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures that are exhibited at A Changed World – Singapore Art 1950s-1970s. Even though I failed terribly in painting and drawing back in school, over the years as I grew older, I slowly to appreciate and respect artists who produced such great and talented artworks.

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