A New Bridge – The Jubilee Bridge

The landscape of Singapore is evolving constantly over the years and there is a new bridge that links Singapore’s iconic Merlion Park and the waterfront promenade in front of the Esplanade. The Jubilee Bridge is a 220m long pedestrian bridge that was built with the idea and vision of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who suggested the construction of a bridge during a 2004 visit to Marina Bay (via ChannelNewsAsia). The late Mr Lee observed that the walkway along Esplanade Bridge was too narrow and a friendlier walkway should be provided. The Jubilee Bridge will be officially launched in November 2015, to commemorate SG50, Singapore’s 50 years of nation building.


The Jubilee Bridge is now opened to the public and it has attracted quite a lot of attention from the tourists and photographers. It’s now a “hot spot”, it does make walking between the Merlion Park and Esplanade easier than walking on the narrow Esplanade Bridge walkway.



Photographer friends are out in full force to photograph the Jubilee Bridge and Esplanade Bridge for sunset/blue hour scenes, sunrise scenes and long exposure landscape scenes. For me, I was only to walk and explore the new Jubilee Bridge recently and I would love to come back for sunset/blue hour landscape scenes of Jubilee Bridge and Esplanade Bridge with the Central Business District in the background!


If you are visiting Singapore soon, do check out the Jubilee Bridge at the Marina Bay Singapore between Merlion Park and Esplanade!

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