A short photography experience with Sony Alpha 6000

The Sony Alpha 6000 was recently announced in the earlier part of the year and it is an interesting camera packed with pretty powerful features inside the camera. The Sony Alpha 6000 is touted as the fastest interchangeable lens camera with an autofocus of 0.06s.


I was given the opportunity to have a feel and try out the Sony Alpha 6000 on a Wednesday evening, courtesy of Sony Singapore and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, titled “Challenge yourself to take a great shot with the A6000 from Sony”. While it was a short 2 hours playing experience with the Sony Alpha 6000, I took quite a number of photographs during the short 2 hours experience with the Sony Alpha 6000.


I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences with the Sony Alpha 6000 from my short and fun 2 hours hands-on session. Here are my personal thoughts, views and experiences with the Sony Alpha 6000 –

  • The Sony Alpha 6000 hybrid autofocus is fast and impressive for a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.
  • Tested Sony Alpha 6000 with their 11fps capability on a bartender juggling his mixer and alcohol bottle.
  • Nice Titanium colour giving it a retro feel.
  • Clear and bright electronic viewfinder that is sensitive and changes quickly when changing from LCD view to OLED Tru-Finder view.
  • NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • 179 phase detection AF points.
  • Not heavy and compact in size.
  • Nice grip at the side.
  • Play Memories Camera Apps – interesting to see the various applications available such as Star Trail, Time-lapse. Some of the applications are free and I hope to explore more in the future if the opportunity allows.
  • Intuitively placed mode and control dials on top and side of the camera, giving it a DSLR control feel.
  • The Black and White of the Creative Style is nice and fun to use. The photographers can switch to it and use it for street photography.
  • The Sony Alpha 6000 auto crop some of my photographs that I shot to produce an additional portrait photograph, some were hits while some were misses.



The Sony Alpha 6000 is now available in Singapore at all Sony stores, Sony Centres and selected authorized dealers at the following prices:

– ILCE-6000 (Body only) SGD $849 (Black only)

– ILCE-6000L (Body + SELP1650 Lens) SGD $1,099 (Black & Titanium)

I would like to thank Sony Singapore and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide for organising the Sony Alpha 6000 photography experience.

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