A Sunset From Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is one of Singapore’s latest icon in the downtown area of the Marina Bay Front, an engineering masterpiece, a great place for relaxation and part of the future Marina South parks and gardens sector along with water activities. 


Since my first trip to the Marina Barrage during its opening, I haven’t been back there to capture photos especially the sunset sceneries of the Marina Bay Front. When Dave Koh, asked me whether I am keen to go for a sunset/night photo shoot, I suggested Marina Barrage and we went there on 9th May, a public holiday in Singapore.


Being a public holiday and a weekend as well, there were quite a number of people there, families with their young children, playing with the water around the Marina Barrage and there’s a lot of people having picnics, gatherings and flying kites. Well, not to forget photographers like us who were there to relax and capturing moments.


As sunset approached, I was at the roof terrace, at the corner, facing the Marina Bay Front and happily snapping away while the sun slowly sets into the darkness of the night. I love taking sunset photos, and always amazed by many different sunset photos around the world.


A great saturday evening of relaxation …… looking forward to taking more photos and capturing moments. Check out more photos here !


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