Alvin & Elizabeth Wedding Dinner – Raffles Marina on 25th November 2006

Alvin & Liz, a great couple, knew them when they were fresh undergrads entering the University of Queensland and I somehow became their “Big Brother” and took care of them (my juniors) during their initial months of transition from a rat race country to a laid back country.

From knowing them, helping them and watching them how they became a couple till their wedding day, it had been a great journey of friendship and fun, becoming a tour guide (bringing them to tour around Queensland), display model answers (university assignments). I was honoured to be invited for their wedding dinner on 25th November 2006, witnessing their solemnisation with their fellow peers, Seb and Ally, at Raffles Marina.

Raffles Marina (foreground) and Tuas Checkpoint (background)

A Beautiful Sunset for Alvin & Liz

I also took the opportunity to help this lovely couple to shoot photographs, for them to have extra memories of their “Big Day”. With the couple’s kind permission, I would be displaying some of my humble photographs.

Dedicated to a lovely and friendly couple, Alvin & Liz !

Seb, Liz, Alvin & Ally

Liz, Alvin & myself

Best wishes to Alvin & Liz! Hope you 2 enjoy this “Exclusive Special Photojournalism Coverage”!

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