BBQ Gathering @ Normanton Park, 15th August 2006

Another BFC organised outing again !

This time round, it was organised by Isaac (aka Massagi) who took a lot of efforts, arranging for the football, BBQ food and pit. Well, he took a bit of his own sweeet time coordinating for the outing but being Massagi, that’s him !

Some of the folks went earlier to buy food, drinks and stuff during lunch time and they went earlier to play football. I joined later in the evening as I got training and other business matters to attend to.

Met Ray @ Clementi Central to get Otak but can’t find any, therefore, got Indian Rojak instead. Although I am a west side local area guy, we boarded the wrong bus and took a slight detour. It was embarrassing and kena suaned by Ray.

Reaching Normanton Park, the BBQ was starting. Upon hearing they bought charcoal from NTUC, I knew it wouldn’t burn that easily (or at all). Luckily, Massagi bought another packet of charcoal and I took over and set new fires. Ray was a great fire starter too and we both got it burning and going.

Once the fire was started nicely for cooking, the rest of the folks took over and started cooking. We just eat and eat, took photos (Ray & Sean were taking turns to take photos of the whole BBQ) chatting and playing with Dr X. He sure is chubby, lovely, handsome, cute and very popular among us.

Had to clear by 2300 hrs, everybody went home with happy memories and lots of food in their digestive system. We would probably see more of such activities soon …..

Hope everybody there has lots of fun!

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