Best Blog Award

First and Foremost,

I must thank Denesa from Parent Times for this wonderful Best Blog Award ! Really appreciate it a lot !


Rules to accept the award:

  • Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.
  • Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!

Here are my 15 blogs that I would like to award the Best Blog Award !



Ee Von

Traveling Suitcase

Singapore Kid’s Places

Photography by KML

My Trips






The Journey

–  Seen This Scene That

– Foodie and Travel Bug

Happy Best Blog Award !


  1. Best Blog Award!

    Congratulate! You are worth it, JH!

    And thank you so much nominate our blog! I will post it ASAP. 😛

  2. congrats and thanks for the award 😛

  3. Congrats and Thanks for the award!

  4. Congratulations and thanks for naming my Seen This Scene That blog for this special award.

  5. Thanks so much! I appreciate you including my blog 🙂

  6. Somehow I forgot to do this, and never even made it over to say thank you. Sorry bout that. From the date of the post, looks like it was when things were wild wild and wilder at work.

    Heading to the hospital now, my brother is having some surgery. Hope to get moving on this nice award on my return.

    Happy Belated New Years, and again many thanks.

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