Biggest Fireworks I ever seen ~ 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

The 08/08/2008 had just passed and I had witnessed one of the best events ever staged. 

It  was the 2008 Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony, my inner most thoughts were collected and written down here.
However, from a photographer’s perspective, the Opening Ceremony had the biggest fireworks display that I had ever seen, absolutely huge and awesome ! It was simply amazing on just the fireworks alone, not to mention the performances too. Being a fireworks fan, I had to give this special, dazzling and spectacular fireworks performance its due credit and praise !
Let the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games Begin !


  1. Yes! I enjoyed the opening ceremony very much, love all the fireworks, so inspiring! I want to go Beijing!!

  2. I’m so terribly jealous that I’m stuck here in the states. I can’t imagine all the photo ops, even if they aren’t allowing “pro cameras”.

    Damien Franco

  3. Hi Eunice,

    The Olympics Opening Ceremony was simply awesome ! Never forget it !

    You had a good point to visit Beijing !

  4. Hi Damien,

    I understand how you feel, I wished I was there in Beijing too, instead of watching at home !

    The atmosphere and fireworks were superb !

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