Bird’s Eye View of Singapore Sunset

The Singapore Flyer, a new icon of Singapore, has its fair share of praises and criticisms. There were skeptics, there were supporters and during Singapore Formula One Night Race, it blended perfectly with the circuit lighting and the Singapore financial district and Marina Bay, her image and aura were showcased to many many people in many many different parts of the world.

After visiting the National Bikers Weekend held at the Singapore Flyer compound, I proceed to collect my ticket booking for my 1900hrs flight time to capture the Singapore Sunset from the top of the world. It was a group purchase and I got a discount using my Passion Card, the other time I went up on the Singapore Flyer was during its Official Opening Ceremony, that was in the night, a very beautiful night scene too.

Once the ride began, I started “firing away”, capturing many different landscape photos of Singapore at different altitudes. It was a top of the world feeling and a bird’s eye view of the Singapore sunset.

Do drop by my flickr for more photos ! When in Singapore, do visit and take a ride on the Singapore Flyer ! An adventure not to be missed !


  1. Oh, You haven’t put my favorite one here,55~~~~~~~~~~

    I love the idea of “The Singapore Flyer”, because it can:

    1. Add a new landmark

    2. Add more tourists

    3. Add new topics, you already saw how many media in this world have reported it.

    4. Show the new energy of Singapore as a modern city

    5. A new way to enjoy Bird’s Eye View of Singapore Sunset,haha

  2. Author

    Hi iWalk

    Thanks for your support ! You must go up on the Singapore Flyer when you visit Singapore !

    Your favourite photo is hosted on Flickr ….. 😉

  3. I must ride the S’pore Flyer when I visit the next time.

    I took a ride on the Msian version..nothing great and I got the chills up there…nearly wanted to exit midway due to fear of heights. But after awhile the fears subsided.

    I get a bird’s eye view of the city and I believe the Spore Flyer must be quite spectacular.

  4. Author

    Hi My Bug Life

    That’s good ! Maybe can catch u up for mini bloggers conference & exchange !

    Hope you enjoy your ride and view when you are on the Flyer !

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