Canon 85mm f 1.2 L Test Shot

Folks, after my Vivo City Christmas Tree & Lights shoot, the 4 of us went off for dessert at the local hawker centre, Red Hill Market, near to Dave Koh home.

While we were having our cold desserts there, I took the opportunity to test the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L, the highly rated lense of the Canon EF lenses range. Didn’t manage to take that many photos using the Canon 85mm, getting my maiden experience with this powerful lense.

After my first attempt, I found that it was quite a challenge to get the focus point correct and it’s a little slow in zooming. However, maybe there were too many objects and the 85mm took a while to focus it.

Hope that I would be able to get the chance to borrow from Dave Koh to test out this lense again !


  1. Hi Jinghui,
    You own this blog!? I have always like your photos. Maybe one day we can meet up and you teach me how to take great photos like yours.

    May you be more charming, richer, healthier and happiest this coming new year!!

    Happy year 2009!

  2. Author

    Hi eastcoastlife,

    I am the owner of this photoblog 🙂 ….. Do drop by often !!

    Yes, I am open to teaching & sharing on photography, there had been about 3 friends asking me to share & teach photography.

    Thank you for your well wishes !!

    Happy New Year to You too !!

  3. I’ve been following your blog since the last blog. I actually notice that your new blog has been set up. Nice…

    by the way, i like those bowl of Laici Kang?

  4. Author

    Hi Kengkaru

    Thank you for your continuous support ! Do drop by often !

    I wasn’t eating that dessert that day, it might be Laici Kang though

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