Canon EOS 100D – My Initial Impression

The Canon EOS 100D and 700D, announced a short time back on DPReview website, I was pretty amazed by the EOS 100D especially and I was looking forward to get a feel of this World’s Smallest and Lightest DSLR, not just by reading off the technical specifications from the websites. When I was invited to the Canon Singapore media launch event for the various Canon cameras announced, I was looking forward to get a short hands on experience with the Canon EOS 100D. For more detailed technical information of the Canon EOS 100D and 700D, you can drop by here and take a look!

EOS 100D

During the media event, I had a short hands on experience with the various Canon cameras that were launched. The Canon EOS 100D was my “main target” and these were my initial impressions, views and thoughts of the Canon EOS 100D from my short hands on experience with the Canon EOS 100D –

  • Lightweight
  • Good sturdy material and camera built
  • Nice and firm grip on a small DSLR
  • Small and handy, great for travel photography
  • A new age street photography camera (using DSLR) with pancake lens (EF 40mm) instead of the favourite film rangefinder or digital rangefinder
  • Powerful specifications and performance packed inside a small DSLR body
  • Fun and easy to learn/use
  • Creative Functions Mode – Family-oriented scene modes – Kids, Food and Candlelight + HDR Backlight Control, Night Portrait and Handheld Night Scene
  • An everyday camera that you can put inside the bag and carry it around
  • Movie recording functions and capabilities
  • Touch Screen
  • High ISO performance up to 12,800
  • 9 Point Auto Focus (AF) System

EOS 100D (2)

Which type/group of users would suit and love the Canon EOS 100D ?

  • Users upgrading from digital compact cameras to their first DSLR
  • Travel photographers
  • Parents giving their children a head start in DSLR photography training (lightweight and easy to learn/use)
  • A backup DSLR camera (for semi-professional and professional photographers) to complement existing setup
  • Social Media enthusiasts / bloggers attending media / blogging events
  • Photography enthusiasts that carry a camera out everyday inside their bag

These are my personal thoughts, impressions and views from my short hands on experience during Canon’s media launch event. Overall, I am impressed and I would love to test and review  this World’s Smallest and Lightest DSLR camera, for all my readers here to know and make a decision if they would like to purchase this Canon EOS 100D!

** Photographs Courtesy of Canon Singapore ** 

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