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As an aspiring photojournalist who turns photographs into stories, with my vast and diverse experiences ranges from events photography to sports, travel, heritage, cultural and portrait photography. I am very passionate about capturing Singapore’s heritage and culture through my photographs, stories and making a difference, to Pay It Forward and Pass It On. In the midst of searching for that something in photography, taking back over 25 to 30 years, from damaging his dad’s analogue film SLR because I am too young to learn how to shoot with a film SLR and just played it like a toy. Heavily influenced by my older cousins and uncles, involving in a more advanced SLR before getting lost and distracted away from serious photography for quite a number of years.


The journey back to the Light side began around 2004 and it was an exponential growth from then till today and still growing. While lost in the mist, now finding my feet, my own unique style, directions and field of photography interest. I am still growing, running, meeting new photographers, mentoring and sharing photography tips along with honing of new skills and always looking for new toys to buy. A passion for journalistic writing, never formally trained in journalism and arts, except possibly writing a 15,000 word thesis, business and tourism/hospitality trained, sharpened and moulded into an entrepreneur and metamorphosis into a photojournalist, specialising in events, sports and travel.


Mentoring, sharing and undertaking personal photojournalistic projects that lies deep inside him, waiting to rise up from somewhere deep inside him. Inspiring many people (hopefully) and looking forward to share photography with fellow photographers, the journey is not complete and it’s not even half way. The photojournalistic journey is still ongoing …… forever and ever.


This is a true story of me, of an aspiring photojournalist, this is my story, my play, my passion, my fun, my life, photojournalistic adventure, an incredible journey that I never looked back since I played with my first SLR camera. Unlocking small achievements in my photography journey in recent years, sometimes words just can’t describe, maybe through my photographs and stories that I produced. When I was invited to be featured in Canon EOS World Singapore for Photojournalism in March, it was a great honour and a  very humbling experience for me. This is definitely not the highest peak, this will spur me on to go for my next peak, even higher!


Here I am, featured on Canon EOS World Singapore – Member Spotlight! I would love to network, share and learn from fellow photographers, do drop me a note and connect with me over my photography sites!

Photography website – Aspiring Photojournalist! 

Facebook Page – TanGengHui Photography

500px –

Flickr –

Instagram –

I would like to say a Big THANK YOU to all my family members, close friends, alumnus, photographers, supporters and followers for everything that they do to help in my photography, no matter how big or small. There is a group of senior photographers who mentored and shared lots of small tips/things in photography with me that shaped my photography today! Thank You for walking with my in my photojournalism journeys with me, through my eyes, heart, soul, words and photographs that I shared with everyone of you!


Now to strive for my next peak in my photojournalism journey, will you continue to walk with me?

You’ll Never Walk Alone

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