Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition by Very Small Exhibition

A bright and colourful Arts in Your Neighbourhood making pop-up artworks appearance for a few hours, how would you like to view, feel and interact with the bright and colourful artworks, “Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition” by Very Small Exhibition? 

Who is Very Small Exhibition?

Artist Wei, the creative mind and soul behind Very Small Exhibition. You might have seen, heard or interacted with his colourful pop-up artworks display. My first experience with Very Small Exhibition was the Malay Heritage Centre x Very Small Exhibition supporting World Mental Health Day in 2021, followed by Bring LOVE Everywhere in Singapore at East Coast Park, the prelude to his huge personal project bringing LOVE around Singapore. 

As I continued to follow and document Very Small Exhibition through their Bring LOVE Everywhere in Singapore, I began a new artistic visual storytelling journey. If you to know more in detail on this, this story “How I Met/Follow/Support Very Small Exhibition & Bring LOVE Everywhere” would reveal more. 

Oh yes, you might have heard of this pretty recent viral contemporary arts exhibition that they worked and collaborated with Japanese artist Yui Ozaki, where they explored and discovered your inner “Chin-Chin” world.

Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition

“Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition” is a new series of public space art exhibition by Artist Wei from Very Small Exhibition. They are going around Singapore at different neighbourhoods, collaborating with different artists at the respective neighbourhoods that they lived in. This is a pop-up artworks exhibition, just one night only each time. 

Just one night only, just a few hours, catch it if you can! With this “Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition”, it marks the start of another creative arts visual storytelling journey for me, I just hope that I am able to document and photograph all (if not most of them) of this ongoing Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition series artistic journeys by Very Small Exhibition. 

Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition 1

Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition 1 took place in the Mountbatten heartlands, at a small alley walkway in a private residential estate. A series of different coloured illuminated stones placed together in a wavy form, lighted up by the light emitting umbrellas, formed by artist Wei vision and feel. 

When you view the wavy colourful artworks, what could be story behind it? What does it mean to you? How does the various colours and artworks join from one to the other? Is it therapeutic for you to feel and connect with, by placing yourselves in between the two artworks and connect them together with you?

Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition 2

Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition 2 took place in the Simei HDB heartlands, with artist Joanne Lim from Joanne Lim Studio collaborating with artist Wei. 

The light emitting umbrellas came into play again, lighting up the drawings with chalk on the floor. This is Arts in Your Neighbourhood, it’s fun, interactive, letting people (from young and old) unleash their creativity and artistic talent in drawing with chalk. For some of us, it’s back to school days, for a younger generation, this might be the first time playing with chalk. 

Drawing and painting, whether with chalk, not only is it fun for the children, it’s also fun for the adults, that we saw when we were there. Arts can be a form of therapy, something that we might need it more than we ever know, in our stressful and pressure cooker living environment, swarmed by digital media and social media sharing.

It was more than just fun drawing, we met new people, make new friends, chatting and sharing a common interest in interactive arts and craft.

Since I am pretty bad at drawing, I will use my photography and visual storytelling talents instead, to bring out my creative arts visuals stories to the world. 

Is Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition coming to my neighbourhood?

That’s a very good question! I don’t have an answer to this question, I am just as curious as you, on when and where would Your Artist Neighbour Exhibition is going to visit, and is there any artist that is going to collaborate with Very Small Exhibition? 

Do remember to follow Very Small Exhibition on Instagram and Facebook Page, for their updates, where they are going to pop up with their bright, colourful and interactive artworks. 

Collaborate with Very Small Exhibition in my neighbourhood?

Should I collaborate with Very Small Exhibition as a collaborating artist, combining my photography + light painting with artist Wei’s bright and colourful artworks?

* A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production *

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