The human race of today that went through centuries of changes, growth and transformation, we still carry with us and inside us, stereotypes, biases, thinking and mentality, that we may or may not know and understand about. Although the world has make tremendous advancements, such things are still holding us back. Yui Ozaki, a Prague-based Japanese artist is in Singapore to showcase her debut exhibition that brings those societal topics into life at Chin-Chin ちんちん – Yui Ozaki 2023 Art Exhibition. What is this all about? I would like to invite you, explore and discover your inner “Chin-Chin” world through this colourful, fun yet thought-provoking contemporary art exhibition presented by Yui Ozaki. 

Who is Yui Ozaki? 

Yui Ozaki is a Prague-based Japanese artist, her artworks express her playful and curious personality.

Yui-san loves to explore gender, sexuality and comedy through her artworks and in the form of various mediums. Her colourful visual artworks contain and deliver hidden meanings, allowing her to express her artistic vision and challenging the societal norms in the world of art. 

Yui-san uses her superpower humour to raise awareness about gender stereotypes, breaking down barriers to create a timeless and uninhibited connection with her audience of all ages. Her artworks serve as a form of commentary on the taboos that we see and feel in society today. She hopes to inspire people through her artworks to let it go, the inhibitions holding them back and embracing the inner creativity, inner playfulness, bringing out the fun and joy trapped inside them.

Through her contemporary and colourful artworks, she strives to spark meaningful conversations with her audience, encouraging viewers to question the status quo. 

Explore, Interact, Discover and Engage with Your Inner “Chin-Chin” World

The world we live in, the human race and we human beings have our own set of stereotypes, thinking, biases and mentality, from gender, culture to societal. How much do we know ourselves the biases that we have inside our heart, mind and soul without us really knowing or understanding the meanings behind it?

Through the contemporary art medium platform, this is the time for you to explore. We can learn and unlearn about our stereotypes, thinking and biases. Probably in everyone of us, we all have our own inner “Chin-Chin” world, that we may not have known or realised. Would you like to explore, interact and discover your inner “Chin-Chin” world? Once done, how would you like to engage with your inner “Chin-Chin” world?

Touch the cute piece of artwork hanging in the gallery, unzip it and discover for yourself, what is the message for you inside that artwork? 

When you enter into 7879 Gallery and Clayworks, you can’t miss this tall and big colourful rainbow artwork on the right side of the entrance. This is a hallmark of artist Wei from Very Small Exhibition, whose Bring LOVE Everywhere artwork attracted heartwarming support and fanfare (Check out my story on how I met/follow/support Very Small Exhibition and Bring LOVE Everywhere). 

Artists Yui and Wei combined their artistic talents and strengths together, to produce this iconic artwork symbol, bright, colourful, friendly and huggable. 

While you are reading the write-ups on the various contemporary artworks on display, I would like you to engage and interact with them. What are some of the societal thinking, biases, mentality and challenges in relation to gender and its stereotypes? 

How do you feel about the issues, the stereotypes and biases that are entrenched inside us? How can we take the steps to change for the better of ourselves, the society and the world?

Breaking through our own biases and stereotypes

Whether you are viewing Chin-Chin ちんちん – Yui Ozaki 2023 Art Exhibition in person at the gallery, or on social media platforms, when you are viewing the artworks for the very first time, there will be something that comes into your mind immediately, you know it yourself and I would let you decide for yourself how you want to describe your thoughts and experiences. 

We all have our own stereotypes and biases entrenched deeply inside us. We need to break through our own biases and stereotypes. Therefore when you are viewing Yui-san thought provoking artworks, tell yourself to put aside those stereotypes and biases inside you, approach the artworks deeper and further into the stories behind them, understanding and discovering the issues that the society is still facing today.

From gender issues, inequality and challenges, societal expectations on arts, work, how we live, the world might have changed and transformed over the centuries. The world is still far from perfect, each one of us still can play our part to be the change, to make the change, break the barriers, stereotypes, biases and mentality.

In a modern digital world swamped with internet and social media consumption, arts and culture could be one of our key elements that the world needs as we navigate into a new future.

I met Artist Yui Ozaki!

I met artist Yui-san at the official opening event, she was very friendly, more than willing to share about her stories, thoughts, feelings and experiences on what goes on behind her various artworks on display. 

Thanks to Wei and Gary from House of VSE, it was a great experience chatting with creative artists from other creative genres across from my photography and visual storytelling.

Personally, I appreciate exchanges with artists from other creative disciplines, as maybe some day, I might be inspired to embark on my own cross/inter-disciplinary artwork production along with my photography and visual storytelling.

Chin-Chin ちんちん – Yui Ozaki 2023 ART EXHIBITION

Exhibition Details

  • Dates: 7th April to 2nd May 2023
  • Hours: 1pm to 8pm (Closed on Mondays)
  • Venue: 105 Desker Road #01-01

“Chin-Chin” is brought to you by House of VSE and 7879 Gallery and Clayworks. Yui Ozaki is represented by House of VSE, if you have any enquiries, please contact House of VSE.

* A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R50 Explorer Series Production *

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