If you a big fan of photography, whether you are a professional, serious enthusiast or amateur, how do you feel about doing something different, something out of the ordinary for your photography by making a mark on the film photography world?  Announcing and introducing Lomo School – An analogue education like never before. For the younger generation, your journey in photography would most likely started off with smartphone photography or digital photography. As for the older generation, your photography journey would most likely be analogue/film photography before moving into digital photography.

Welcome to Lomography School!

Film is not dead, film is making a comeback, Lomographic Society International thinks that film is forever and they are launching themselves into a new era of analogue photography. You, the photographers (whether young or old, experienced or amateur) are hereby cordially invited to attend the Lomography School! It’s not going to be stuffy classroom withs grey walls, uncomfortable desks or even mess on your seat and table.

Lomographic Society International is launching this dedicated online learning space to make creativity accessible to all – Totally free! There are no more hard-to-understand descriptions, they have put together the answers to the most FAQ from the Lomography Community. This would make it the leading space on the internet and social media platforms, to learn all about analogue – from the basic techniques to how to take experimental Lomographs.

Who can join? What do I need?

Anyone can join, as long as you have a passion for analogue, it’s for everyone. Whether you are just start learning analogue photography or you are an experienced film photographer looking to become more creative, everyone is welcome at the Lomography School.

What can I expect from Lomography School?

Lomography School provides information about all the exciting experimental techniques that have been inspiring the imagination of Lomographers far and wide over the past 30 years. Analogue photographers can learn how to shoot mesmerising multiple exposures, uncover handy tips and tricks like mastering the pinhole and read detailed explanations (that they actually understand) about what the hell pushing and pulling mean, and so much more.

If the answer isn’t there, Lomography School has set up a dedicated mailbox, school@lomography.com, so curious students can send in their most burning questions. The Lomography School want this to be an ever-growing, interactive space and if anyone has a useful trick to share, Lomo School want to hear it! Photographers, we’re all on this journey of analogue discovery together and there’s always something new to learn.

To all analogue photographers, whether you are just starting off on your analogue photography or you are an experienced analogue photographer, welcome to Lomo School! Let’s all enjoy and have fun with Lomography!

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* Information and pictures courtesy of Lomographic Society International *

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