MayThe4thSG – Star Wars Day 2024 in Singapore

Every year on May 4th, Star Wars fans around the world celebrate MayThe4th (May The Force Be With You). Looking back at my Star Wars and Star Wars LEGO photography archives, nostalgic memories coming back from Star Wars Day Singapore in years 2014, 2015, 2017  and 2020. Also a special throwback to November 2015 and Star Wars was in town – The Force is Strong with Star Wars at Changi. This year, I am back again celebrating MayThe4thSG – Star Wars Day 2024 in Singapore. 

MayThe4thSG @ Gardens By The Bay 4th May 2024

When I read the Gardens By The Bay was celebrating MayThe4thSG with a special Garden Rhapsody Star Wars edition, I wanted to visit again. It’s really special watching the light show display at the Supertree Grove, playing a melody of iconic Star Wars soundtracks that we Star Wars fans grew up listening to.

Here’s a short clip of some of the iconic Star Wars soundtracks that were part of the Garden Rhapsody Star Wars Edition at Supertree Grove. Watching the Star Wars light show display, listening to the soundtracks, it’s kind of nostalgic, and it’s really a nice light show display! 

@genghuitan #MayThe4thBeWithYou! It’s #MayThe4th, #StarWarsDay for #StarWars fans around the world. Celebrating #MayThe4thSG in #Singapore at #GardensByTheBay ♬ original sound – GengHui

After the Garden Rhapsody Star Wars Edition at Supertree Grove, some Star Wars fans stayed back, dressed in their Star Wars attire and lightsabers, posing and taking photos/videos of them with their lightsabers in action. 

MayThe4thSG @ Science Centre 5th May 2024

On Sunday 5th May, I went down to MayThe4thSG community celebration at Science Centre. From anything relating to Star Wars, from Star Wars artworks, Star Wars toys, Star Wars cosplay, 501st Legion – Singapore Garrison, lightsaber related stuff, toy photography exhibition by Plastic Singapore where my friend AikWee has some of this Star Wars toy photography works on display and for sale too!

With Isaac taking back his lightsaber from AikWee, I just have to get Isaac and AikWee to replicate some Star Wars scenes together! 

Return to Star Wars LEGO Photography

MayThe4thSG 2024 also marks my return to Star Wars LEGO Photography! My Star Wars LEGO toy photography took a hiatus. With the addition of a used Star Wars LEGO 75054 AT-AT into my collection, I am now ready to make a return to Star Wars LEGO Photography!

Shot with Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

From the photo above, you would have guess which Star Wars scene that I am replicating with my LEGO Star Wars – Star Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back (Battle of Hoth scene). Other Star Wars scenes that I am looking to replicate are Rogue One and Star Wars VI – The Return of the Jedi (Battle of Endor). 

I also have other plans on creative fictional toy artworks on a LEGO airport scene with Star Wars all-terrain vehicles and starships, together with those machine and vehicles you see at an airport. Another idea would be AT-AT and AT-ST patrolling cities/neighbourhoods. 

Let’s see where my return to Star Wars LEGO photography is going to being this time round! Stay tuned to my social media channels for more updates!

Happy Star Wars Day 2024!

Happy Star Wars Day 2024 to all Star Wars fans! May The Force Be With You! 

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