Another quarter has passed, now another half year has gone as well. Time flies, Q2 2023 is now over and so it H1 2023. Saturday 1st July marks the start of Q3 2023 and H2 2023, dawn of a new period, beginning, as well as continuation from the first half of 2023. This also marks the return of a regular writing feature of mine, writing down my reflections, thoughts, views and upcoming plans – Reflecting H1 2023 & Q2 2023 (Photography and Travel).

Photography – Business and Content Creation 

Photography business

It has been a very tough and challenging journey running a photography business, just like running any other business. In an already intense and stressful competitive market facing a slowdown in world economy, we are facing an avalanche of new technological developments and innovations in generative AI, that is going to disrupt the photography and creatives market even further.

While some of my photography friends might not agree or would dispute my views, a stand-alone photography business might not be the way to go for running a photography business. The amount and intensity of change, adapt and adopt is going to exponentially increase.

Change of Old Guard 

Although I do take care of my photography cameras, lenses and gears, as much as possible, there will be wear and tear, along with technological improvements and changes over the years especially in the digital imaging world. All the above also coincide with new changes in my visual storytelling and content creation. 

Hello Canon EOS R6 Mark II, Goodbye Canon EOS 1D X Mark II! I have sentimental attachments to the EOS 1D series, this Canon camera model has always been an icon and part of my photography branding. Another story on this for another day.

Photography – Personal and Content Creation

The personal side of my photography gives me an avenue away from many things, not just away from the photography business side of things, a therapeutic time away from the stress and pressures.

Walking to my nearby neighbourhood areas, taking sunsets, cityscapes, nature and wildlife, with my camera and lenses, it was my personal time away from the hustles of running a small business.

Travel and Travel Related Content Creation

International Travel

There’s nothing to share here as I haven’t travelled out of Singapore since 2019. While I am not in a hurry to travel (Yes, I do have some pent-up frustrations in travel). Therefore, I think the time is now for me to get away from Singapore in Q3 2023, likely a regional trip first and hopefully a medium to long haul trip in Q4 2023. As for my travel destinations, I would keep under wraps for now.

Travel Related Content Creation

While I have been producing and creating visual storytelling articles regularly, there aren’t enough for my travel related content creation segments. Although I haven’t travelled overseas for a few years, that is not an excuse. 

An area for me to look more closely into, how and what kind of local travel stories that I would want to share about to friends and travellers visiting Singapore. This should be my “homework” before I return to travel visual storytelling and content creation when I relaunch my travel photography adventures overseas.

My photo walks haven’t officially take off as planned, time to re-ignite and start working on them again.

Plans for Q3 2023 & H2 2023

In Q1 2023, if you recall, my Yearly Theme (Photography and Travel) for 2023 is “Explore”. I feel that this year’s theme fits in nicely, I am exploring new avenues and directions in an increasingly difficult and challenging world economy and geo-political situations. 

Photography business

I never and I usually will not go into business specifics here, just like the Chinese saying, “The business field is just like a battle field”. My thoughts and views in a nutshell, we better evolve, change and adapt faster. We can’t just depend on one skill/expertise alone anymore. 

New personal project – Featuring and interviewing creatives, artists, photographers, heritage 

Earlier in this year 2023, I had an inspiration to feature and interview creatives, artists, photographers, history, heritage, preservation and culture community. Through this personal project, I hope to be able to help them with more publicity through my visual stories and writing, that’s also possibly a cross mixed media production with the artist’s artworks with my photography, as well as future business opportunities for me.

Travel related content creation, collaboration and partnerships

On top of creating more travel related content creation that I mentioned earlier, collaboration and partnerships have proved to be pretty difficult and tricky to breakthrough into. From competitors who guard their turf, time needed to establish stronger ties and limited opportunities, I have and I will continue to strive for a breakthrough. 

Last but not least

More than just my photography and travel segments, please do visit and check out my Reflecting H1 2023 & Q2 2023 (Technology, Business and Personal) on my TGH Technology and Business portal/blog.  

Although I will not be able to write down and share everything that happened or took place during Q2 2023 and H1 2023, compiling and writing them down serves as a form of diary, collection of memories and moments. Neither would I be able to share all my plans for Q3 2023 and H2 2023, just some key highlights.

Some stuff/matters are also more private and confidential that I do not want or wish to be shared on social media. 

The content, reflections, thoughts, and views might be lengthy and boring to others, even to my friends. Some are probably busy posting on social media platforms flooded with media and videos, we need to know what is happening to them, they don’t want to know what is happening to others.

Writing down my reflections, thoughts, views and upcoming plans are more than a good way of regular writing, constantly honing and improving my writing skills, this is also therapeutic in its own ways.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making it to this line, reading my lengthy writing and ranting (sometimes). 

* Photos shot with Canon EOS R6 Mark II *

** A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production **

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