Launching TGH Photography, from my decades of learning journey as a visual storyteller, a photographer, content creator, writer and now building up my video and vlog segments. The digital, social media and media landscape are constantly changing and evolving, my portfolio of professional services also have to evolve, adapt and change to meet the changing times, needs and requirements. These key words “Adapt, Adopt and Change” has always been on my mind for past few years especially navigating through a very difficult and challenging global criss. The time is now to announce the launch of two new journeys in content creation and visual storytelling. 


My entry into TikTok is a story on procrastination because I don’t really know how to leverage or differentiate TikTok platform and how this would fit into my social media/content creation setup. More insights can be read here on my TGH Technology and Business portal/blog article, where I wrote from a social media and digital marketing perspective.

TikTok would give me a new dimension in my visual storytelling through vertical videos format, together with YouTube. Here is my first TikTok video announcing my maiden launch on TikTok platform – TGH Photography and Travel Visual Storyteller and Explorer Series Production on TikTok, shot with the Canon EOS R50.

@genghuitan Welcome to my TGH #Photography and #Travel #visualstoryteller and #Explorer Series Production on #TikTok! I More stories, photos and short videos coming soon! Shot with #Canon #EOSR50 by @DGN Studios SG. #CreateWithCanonSG #CanonBeautyStyle #CanonSG #videography #foryou #fyp #traveller #写真撮ってもいいですか #摄影师 #wesandersoninspired #TikTokSG #Singapore ♬ original sound – GengHui

TikTok is unique in its own sense, style, character and following. They are more of an entertainment platform than a social media platform, even though they are a form of social media. Therefore, hopping onto TikTok would require a new and different set of social media strategies and direction.

A new content creator + visual storytelling approach and journey 

There are always be some points in our ongoing photography and creative journey that we have to refresh and rebuild (at some junctures too) the tools of our trade, that would allow us to adapt and meet the demands of a new era of living, digital world, social media and media consumption.

From a purist photographer, diversifying out into a content creator + digital agency/studio setup (TGH Digital Studio), complementing my TGH Photography business. All these didn’t happen overnight, they took a few years, the change wasn’t easy, it’s still ongoing amidst an ever-changing media consumption, digital transformation, social media and technological (cue Generative AI) landscapes.

While photography and visual storytelling remains my core and strengths, the diversification and addition of video, vlogging and TikTok would enhance and reinforce how I want to tell my stories in both photos and videos. 

Therefore, a new camera for the new future, for the hybrid content creator and visual storyteller has come into play, a favourite iconic camera that I used to associate/brand myself will have to leave. That story would be for another time, another place, in time to come, that fellow photographers would be to relate and resonate. 

A candle light lighting up another, passing the fire and spark to start a new content creation and visual storytelling journey ahead. 

The time is now, a new era has dawned. 

* A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production *

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