Canon Heritage Tour

Canon Singapore and National Heritage Board (NHB) recently organised a special Canon Heritage Tour for a small group of people and I was glad to be invited to join this fun, interesting and meaningful tour to explore and know more about some of Singapore’s rich history and heritage, our religious sites and monuments in Singapore. I had been working on my own personal photography projects and some of them were heritage based projects! During the Canon Heritage Tour, our friendly, professional and informative guides from NHB brought us on a Heritage Trail in Singapore, visiting the following religious sites –

(1) Abdul Gafoor Mosque


(2) St. Joseph’s Church


(3) Yueh Hai Ching Temple


During the Canon Heritage Tour, I was given a very wonderful opportunity to test out one of Canon’s latest camera, the Canon EOS 5DS R DSLR! This DSLR camera was a camera that I had been wanting to try it out! Even though it was a short few hours with the Canon EOS 5DS R camera, it had been a fun and great experience with this powerful DSLR! The Canon EOS 5DS R was paired with Canon EF 8-15mm f/4 L USM Fisheye lens and I had a challenging yet fun time with this combination because I never used a fisheye lens before and it can be pretty challenging to capture landscapes!

During my short time with the Canon EOS 5DS R camera, I would just share my experiences and let my photographs that I took with the Canon EOS 5DS R do more of the talking! Let me recap with you on the Canon EOS 5DS R, I shared the press release information in an earlier post! While I am unable to do a full review of the Canon EOS 5DS R during this short time, I would like to share some of my experiences with this powerful Canon DSLR!

The Canon EOS 5DS R DLSR felt solid and sturdy, the quality of the photographs were superb, with a lot more details since Canon EOS 5DS R has the Optical Low-Pass Filter cancellation (LPF) inside them, I think this would be highly desired/wanted by landscape photographers. One of the few cameras in the market that has this capability. Observing the photographs that I took, I love the vivid colours from Canon EOS 5DS R Image sensor, the 50.6 megapixel CMOS sensor and their imaging processor consisting of Dual DIGIC 6! Another observation from the Canon EOS 5DS R photographs that I took are the sharpness, the fine and accurate details of the photographs. I would love to have a longer hands on with the Canon EOS 5DS R and share with my readers and followers. Keep a lookout!

I would like to thank Canon Singapore and National Heritage Board for organising the Canon Heritage Tour! I am still continuing to explore, document and photograph Singapore’s history, heritage, culture, conservation and preservation with my Canon cameras and equipment!

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