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Sharing photographs with loved ones, friends and the world wide web, is something that we photographers (most of us) love to share our beautiful works and masterpieces. Photography today has changed a lot over the years, especially in the digital era along with the expansion of the use of social media tools and the various social media channels/platforms. Photography today is fast, on the move and live updates, with the revolution and evolution of mobile photography. There are a few photography sharing platforms/sites, such as Flickr, 500px, Smugmug etc etc. I am currently using Flickr and 500px, to host and share my selected photographs.


I was recently invited to a Yahoo event whereby they presented and shared with the attendees on the Flickr App. Since I had already downloaded and started using the Flickr App before the event, I didn’t really explore the Flickr App more in-depth and the Yahoo presentation gave me a greater insight of this powerful user friendly photography app that it was capable of that didn’t cross my mind and exploration of the app. Today, I would be sharing about the Flickr App, that allows you, the photographer to Capture, Share, Discover, Anywhere Anytime with the app itself. Flickr is not just for professional photographers, it’s just as suitable for semi-professional, amateurs and fun leisure photographers too! Here’s the link to Apple iTunes App store for you to download the Flickr App, do download it and start sharing away with your family members and loved ones! When you downloaded the Flickr App and started using it, there are more interesting functions and features inside the Flickr App that you would find it useful and handy for your photography sharing! For more on what’s new, check out the Flickr blog (


The Flickr App user interface is great, user friendly and easy to use. Sharing across Flickr, social media channels and platforms is simple and easy too! Let me share with you more information of the other capabilities and functions of the Flickr App –

– Capture the Moment

– Filters

– Built in Photo Editor

– Share with the world

– Discover the huge collection of the beautiful world of photographs inside the Flickr community

– Use the Flickr App to showcase your current portfolios to your loved ones, friends and those who are interested in your photography works

– Tilt to Full-Screen and to see HD photos

– Follow and discover your friends photographs

– Easy access to a photograph’s information and in-depth EXIF Data



The best and most fun experience is to go and download the Flickr App and use it! Please do go ahead and download the Flickr App, have fun, play with the app, take photographs, share it! Do connect with me here with your Flickr app and photography !


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Here’s a short video about the Flick App ! Hope you enjoy the Flickr App experience to Capture, Share, Discover Anywhere with Flickr App!! I would like to thank Yahoo for providing the screenshot photographs and video!

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  1. Huge upgrade over the old Flickr app!
    I like it…

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