Casio Announced EXILIM EX-ZR1500

Casio Singapore recently launched the latest addition to their High Speed EXILIM line of high performance digital cameras, the Casio EXILIM EX-ZR1500. The Casio EXILIM EX-ZR1500 has interesting and outstanding features such as the new make-up function, motion shutter, a 180-degree LCD tilt screen and a built-in tripod stand that promises impressive photographs and beautiful self-portraits.

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Capture beautiful self-portraits with new make-up function and tilt-type LCD screen 

With the new EX-ZR1500, taking stunning photos and self-portraits has never been easier. Users can now easily edit their self-portraits according to their preference with the new make-up function that allows adjustment of skin smoothness to 12 levels and enhancement of skin tone according to a scale of six stages from light to tan.

The 180-degree tilt-type LCD screen and built-in tripod also allows for the perfect ‘selfie’ and ‘wefie’ (group self-portraits) as users can view themselves while composing their well-framed shot. For self-portraits that need to be taken from a distance, the motion shutter makes capturing the moment that much easier as a wave to the camera is all that is needed to initiate the self-timer.

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Responsive photography to capture every moment 

The Triple Shot function, which captures the image immediately before, during and after the shutter is clicked makes sure that every precious expression is caught on the EX-ZR1500. Users will also never miss a moment with the high-speed continuous shutter function which takes up to 30 frames per second, perfect for capturing fast moving subjects.

Also equipped with the EXILIM engine HS Ver.3, a dual-CPU and two parallel image processors, the EX-ZR1500 offers an immediate start up time of only 0.99 seconds, high-speed autofocus in 0.15 seconds, a lightning fast shutter response of 0.015 seconds and a rapid capture interval as short as 0.25 seconds.

The quick and intuitive function ring around the lens further enhances user experience where they can select from nine zoom settings in addition to the regular zoom. This allows users to quickly set the exposure value shift, shutter speed and white balance.

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Photograph the best shot regardless of situation 

Users who struggle with hand stability will be relieved to know that the EX-ZR 1500 features the 5-axis HS Anti Shake to obtain image stabilisation. Casio has integrated optical image stabilisation (1.5 stops) with its pioneering technology for combining high-speed burst images (up to 9 shots) to achieve stabilisation equivalent to 4.5 stops slower in terms of shutter speed.

The HS Night Shot feature, Casio’s original and cutting-edge processing technology which eliminates camera shake in dark situations by detecting light conditions with light sensitivity as high as ISO 25600, will guarantee beautiful and high precision shots even in the dimmest lighting.

With the Premium Auto Pro function, the EX-ZR1500 automatically analyses the scene’s conditions and combines images from high-speed burst shooting to create gorgeous photos and videos. Images taken by the EX-ZR1500 promises to be even more beautiful with the HDR function, which uses continuous shooting to capture 5 images at different exposures and then selects three with the most appropriate brightness and instantly combines them pixel by pixel. This helps reduce under and over exposure in scenes with high contrast, resulting in stunning photographs.

Style: "シャープ80"

Get artistic and take stunning pictures

Photo effects fanatics can also choose from 11 effect types including HDR-ART, which produces impressive and dramatic art images, and Crystal Ball, which magically captures the image in a floating transparent glass sphere. Lovers of beautiful artistic shots will also enjoy the new Art Shot Bracketing function that saves five different interpretations of an image with one touch of the shutter button. The modes are HDR-ART photo, Crystal Ball, Toy Camera, Monochrome and normal photography.

Users can also try their hand at time-lapse photography. The function captures images at a frame rate much lower than usual and then combines them to create a video – perfect for capturing the sunset, cloud movement, or a night scene.

The high-speed burst shooting technology gives photos a beautifully blurred background that would usually only be attainable with an SLR camera. This allows users to easily take photos that accentuate the subject. Users may choose from three levels of blurring effects to give images a professional look. The EX-ZR1500 also comes with an all-in-focus macro ability to produce a composite image with every area in focus, from foreground subjects to far-away backgrounds

Availability and price 

Ergonomic in design and weighing in at a mere 265g, this 16.1 megapixel camera comes in four colours, White, Brown, Magenta and Yellow and will be available at all Casio authorised retail outlets in Singapore from 21 July 2014 at a Suggested Retail Price of SGD$549.00.

* Information and Pictures Courtesy of Casio Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations *

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