Changes, Gifts and Quick Update

It’s only 7 days passed 2008 and there were a few things that happened during this period

If you came into my blog and was directed to a marketing site that you never see before, you might be shocked. I was very shocked and initial thoughts were my blog was attacked by spyware or spam, resulting in my blog being “conquered”….. However, after consulting Jack the Internet Marketing Guru, it was the Advertlets widget that was the cause of this redirection due to some hosting and domain issue.

I wasn’t too happy that my blog was redirected to another site due to their widget script. Although, the issue had been resolved, as Guru Jack highlighted to me, we also learn from their mistakes as well and learned more about hosting and domain issues.

In the next few months to 1 or 2 years, there would be renovation around our neighbourhood and my block would have a lift upgrading program, whereby my staircase would have a dedicated lift serving our floor of 2 apartment units. Every morning, I would be awaken by machinery in action and in the night, I am finding mosquitoes keeping me company…..

(pictures would be uploaded soon)

I am receiving gifts again, this time from my mate Andrew, whom I like to go his big house and look at his “treasure cave” !

(pictures would be uploaded soon)

Stay tune for 10th January 2008 !

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