Christmas Lights in Tropical Singapore


In the month of Christmas celebrations, Singapore would light up its main shopping districts of Orchard Road and Marina Square/Bay, giving it a tropical style Christmas celebrations, trees and lights ! With the amount of work on hand, I wasn’t able to enjoy taking photographs of the Christmas lights in tropical Singapore.


However, I decided to take some time off and go explore the Christmas lights here in Singapore, starting off with the Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer and Esplanade area. My 1st location was the Singapore Flyer, whereby the tallest Christmas Tree in Singapore at 83m in height was showcased, climbed up the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and took my first few shots, the constant moving of fast vehicles on the expressway bridge provided the floor shaking thus my Canon DSLR on my tripod wasn’t steady either and I forgotten to bring my remote control, thus allowing me to hold on tightly to the tripod. After that, walked down to the Singapore Flyer and took different angles and perspectives of the Christmas tree! Check out my photos in Flickr !

Continued moving along the Marina Bay circuit, ended up at the Esplanade, overlooking the Marina Bay. I was looking forward to the floating spheres to be lighted up but it wasn’t !! Disappointed though, took photos of the Marina Bay night scenery landscape and enjoyed the peace and tranquility, looking forward to Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks on 31st December 2009 !


Would be planning to capture other Christmas trees and lights along the Orchard Road shopping district soon, before Christmas arrives ! Hope you folks have a fun and merry Christmas celebration !


  1. Author

    Hi places4holidays

    Yeah, Christmas in the tropics is very different, hot & humid Christmas along with lots of lightings !

  2. Wow, this lighting display in Singapore is amazing. I absolutely love Christmas lights, every year I go to a place in Melbourne where they have houses covered in Christmas lights and hundreds of thousands of people visit each year. Would love to come to Singapore one day and see their lights at Christmas.

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