Colleagues Outing @ Costa Sands Downtown East ~ 30th August 2007

It’s been quite some time since we had our last outing together. Our last outing of a similar nature was on 3rd May 2006 at Pulau Hantu.

First and foremost, we had to give a big thanks to Jerlyn and Collin for planning this activity.

We all arrived at the chalet in different waves. Some of us arrived earlier in the day, relaxing, drinking coffee and afternoon snacks, while some others went swimming. A group of us went back and prepared the BBQ fire pit for the evening folks coming in later and the fire was prepared by Scott, Collin, Viktor, Andrew and myself.

Pretty soon, the other folks started streaming in and started to help with the BBQ. The fire wasn’t really that strong and it did cause delay in getting the food cooked, thus some inconvenience caused.

This gathering was also the occasion to celebrate August and September birthday boys (Viktor, Sean and Gabriel). We had a delicious chocolate cake, along with our BBQ food.

It was a night of eating, drinking and relaxing.

p/s: (1) Thanks to Celeste’s friend, Garry (from Hong Kong), who helped us took the group photo.
(2) Thanks to Andrew and Viktor for helping to take the photos.

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