Day 2 : Kota Kinabalu – Kiulu River – Rose Cabin

Day 02

Waking up in the morning, enjoying a simple breakfast at Trekkers Lodge, we prepared our wet water gear and checked-out of the backpackers hostel. We boarded our bus to our morning adventure location, white water rafting at Kiulu River (Grade 1 – 2).

After loading our backpacks into the luggage compartment of our tour bus, we took our daypacks onto the tour bus and headed for a 2 hour ride to Kiulu River. Soon, we reached the end point of our Kiulu River white water rafting and placed our daypacks at the compound before returning back to the tour bus, for the journey further up to the starting point of our white water rafting adventure.

Our white water rafting adventure was organised by Exotic Adventure Sdn Bhd and Asia Paddler. Upon reaching the starting point, we were given a bit of time to explore the surroundings and cross the wooden bridge. Soon, we were back for our briefing by our river guides, on the aspects of the raft and safety instructions. After strapping ourselves up with helmet and life vest, we were divided into 3 groups for our white water rafting adventure.

Photo taken by Exotic Adventure / Asia Paddler

Paddling down the river was really very fun, as it was my maiden white water rafting adventure, I was very excited, full of adrenaline rush ! I was at the front of the raft with Ganesh and we had the best front views of the river adventure. Moving up and down the rapids, splashing water on our fellow rafters, dropping into the river for a swim, building up teamwork with your mates in the raft, we had so much fun !

After a 10km white water rafting route along the Kiulu River, we reached our end point and went back to shore. With everybody high on adrenaline and spirits, we took photos of our entire group and respective raft crew, along with our river guides. We were treated to a wonderful lunch prepared by Asia Paddler / Exotic Adventure after washing up and changing into dry clothes.

After a wonderful lunch, we boarded our tour bus again and headed up towards Mount Kinabalu region, a very beautiful hostel known as Rose Cabin, 2km away from the entrance to Mount Kinabalu Park. After checking in, we had a good rest and went around taking photos of Mount Kinabalu from Rose Cabin, visiting their nursery, playing with their resident cat, relaxing…


A nice dinner follows and soon after our mountain climb briefing by Su, we proceed to prepare our daypacks for our ultimate adventure, the climb to the summit of Mount Kinabalu tomorrow…….

It’s going to be Day 03 of our adventure.


  1. The scenery on top of the mountain with the mist, captured in the photo is very attractive. The feeling when being on top of the mountain must be more than what we look, right? Have you been to NZ? There are several more mountain for you to choose and have a nice trip with friends. The map of new zealand is the first thing you need to get, so that you’ll have good planning to get there. Congratulation for this nice blog. I do enjoy it, with the beautiful scenery captured there.

  2. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and and I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog !

    You have a great travel information site on NZ & I have placed your website on my blogroll.

    NZ is a great outdoors country and I would be planning to visit it soon, especially the beautiful mountains !

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