Dessert Gathering at Dessert Factory

It all began after a dinner gathering for Xinyun’s birthday, along with photographer friends, Amanda, Christopher, Leon and Noel, whereby we had finished our dinner at iluma and we were looking for places for desserts or coffee. Initial walking around various locations were packed and we couldn’t get a table for 6 of us.

While walking down Liang Seah Street towards Shaw Towers, a pretty young lady handed us a pamphlet, an Opening Special of $3 dessert combo and it was for their official launch, it looked really tasty and interesting and all of us decided to go up and try it out. Ok, before I proceed further, the name of the shop is Dessert Factory and here are its details

101 Beach Road, The 101 Building


Tel : 6336-7336


It was a pretty cosy place, for that evening itself, I tried their chocolate banana cupcake along with their famous Taiwan Milk Tea, overall, I personally liked it a lot, would be planning to go back and try out other varieties of cupcakes as well as other desserts too.

We all had a fun time, chatting away and our topic is mainly about photography, food and travel experiences, lots of sharing and fun time shooting photos of the food and cameras. Nice to meet Noel for the first time too and great to catch up with the rest again.

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