Dragon Scout Group 85th Anniversary Campfire – Part 2

On 14th April 2007, everybody was involved in the preparation for the Grand Campfire in the evening, it was an awesome combined effort to help each other to ensure everything was ready in time.

During the evening, everything was in order. Dragon Scout Group was given a speech by Hongliang, motivating them ready for the Campfire starting in an hour’s time while they were having their dinner.

Everybody were in their action stations and preparing for the arrival of our invited scout, guides, parents, fellow Gessians, VIPs, Old Boys, Guest-of-Honour. However, the weather changed and poured down heavily. It was a passing cloud and there was the decision for it to change from dry to wet weather programme by Campfire Chief Moo Teng. It was a massive effort, moving the whole participants from the arena to the hall.

Meanwhile, our Guest-of-Honour, Ms Indranee Rajah, Member of Parliment for Tanjong Pargar GRC, arrived. She was most warmly welcomed by the Principal, Mr Victor Giam, teachers-in-charge, Mr Kevin Kung, Ms Shirley Tan and our ushers. She was led by our hospitality team to view our memorable photographs of different eras, before proceeding to the history room, showcasing our display of historical scouting items and the rich history of Gan Eng Seng School. It was a proud display by the hospitality ushers and contingent, led by Mr Giam, Mr Kung and Ms Tan. Our Dragon Chapter Old Boys were also ready to share our scouting experience with Ms Indranee Rajah. Mr Kung introduced Thye San, Teck Chong, Say Chionh and Charlie, those old boys sharing their stories.

Soon, Ms Indranee was ushered to the arena, in a change of weather, all participants were back to the campfire arena. There was a great reception for her and she was warmly welcomed by the participants at the campfire. Before announcing the campfire open, she gave all those present a great speech, highlighting our rich school history that was founded in 1885 and our 85 years of Dragon Scouting history. We were touched by our Guest-of-Honour mention on our unique Dragon History.

The campfire began and the singing started with the fun and laughter. It was a great night of celebrations, kicking off our 85th Anniversary Celebrations with a giant and memorable campfire. Soon, it was time to wrap our celebrations and Ms Indranee was invited to give away our lovely artifacts of our gifts of participation to all the attending schools. There was also a gift for the Prinicpal, Mr Giam before a token of appreciation was presented to Guest-of-Honour Ms Indranee, for taking her precious time off to attend our 85th Anniversary Campfire.

After that, Ms Indranee was ushered by Mr Giam and the teachers-in-charge, Mr Chan, Mr Kung and Ms Tan, to the school canteen for a nice refreshment and snacks. They had a great time networking before Ms Indranee left for home. Mr Giam proceeded to the arena and took photographs with the leaders and teachers-in-charge before the whold scout group came into the picture. Finally, it was snack time for the Dragon Scouts before cleaning/packing up time.

A great memorable night of campfire will always be in our heart and souls (for all young and old), marking our 85 years of Scouting in Gan Eng Seng School. Our 85th Anniversary Campfire was for everybody that was once a Dragon Scout and wore the Red and Green scarf, from different generations to the present generation in the Dragon Scout Group, one huge mighty, talented, skillful Dragon Family.

Once a Dragon Scout, Always a Dragon Scout forever !

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