Dragon Scout Group Investiture 2009

The Dragon Scout Group, a family that I am part of, had their annual investiture on 7th March 2009. This ceremony marks the official initisation of our new members to the Dragon Scout Group family, usually the Secondary Ones and our cub scouts from Radin Mas Primary and Gan Eng Seng Primary. Prior to the flag break ceremony, the Patrol Leaders and their patrol scouts helped to arrange the tables and benches for the Group Photo taking later.

The ceremony kicked off with our meeting ritual, the flag break ceremony, thereafter, we went on with the investiture ceremony whereby the Secondary Ones were initisated, with our Dragon Scout Group scrafs, the famous Green and Red, were put on them by the Leaders, Rovers or Parents of the Tenderfoots.

Once the Secondary Ones were finished initisated into our family, there were led to recite the Scout Promise and Law. With that completion, they were posted to their new patrols to begin their Scouting Adventure in Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group.

The ceremony was followed by the investiture for the Radin Mas Primary and Gan Eng Seng Primary Cub Scouts. Once the ceremony was completed, we went over for our Annual Group Photo taking, as usual like the years before, with a huge number of people, it wasn’t always easy to squeeze and arrange them. Being the official photographer for the past few years, it would always be a challenge and there were great assistance from the Leaders and Rovers especially Ganesh, Alex & Aixia.

After the fun of formal and fun Groups Photo taking, the Scouts went on with their activities while I mingled around with the old boys catching up. After the activities were completed, we all had our lunch together and it was a great family gathering for the young and old.

Do drop by my photos here !!

It’s great to be back again, to be where I belong, Dragon Scout Group !

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