Entering the Monochrome / B&W Photography

Learning and self-improvement is a lifelong thing, it’s a journey that I will take, irregardless of where I am or what I have achieved, my mantra is constant learning and improvement in everything that I do and set upon. That applies to my photography too, even if I have been shooting photographs for many years (since my film era days), there is always something to learn, venture and try out.

I was reading the Outdoor Photographer magazine on my Zinio Reader, the August 2011 issue, has a segment on B&W Special. This special segment really got me kick started to continue my own self-learning and improvement, although there are other photography areas too that I would like to gain more knowledge and explore e.g. how to setup studio lightings for portrait photography and the tricks + tips to lighting, that’s another post to chat about!

Besides, I am also inspired by my fellow photographer friends B&W shots, on their street photography, Callan, Jingwen, just to mention a few of them, street photography on B&W is very powerful and that would be an area for me to explore! It was also my first time on 22nd October, switching to the Monochrome mode on my Canon EOS 1Dmk3 and started some shooting, probably not the recommended way, however, a first step for me into more active monochrome and Black & White Photography.

Moving forward, I need to re-start my engine again, on my personal projects, Old Places and Old Playgrounds, maybe it’s the time to go more active into Black & White / Monochrome.

It’s also a reminder to myself to keep on learning and improving, through self-exploration, books, guides, peer sharing and mentored by senior photographers.


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  1. Keep up the good work! =) Nice B&W pics.

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