F-Stop Loka Review

Photographers, let me ask you a question, how many different types of photography bags do you have? I realised that I do have a number of different types and sizes of photography bags over the years, from sling/messenger bags to backpacks.

First and foremost, let me consolidate my very own photography bags listing that I had used over the (probably last 10?) years that I had been photographing

  • Crumpler Wonder Weenie Messenger Bag with Crumpler bunion insert (still around after more than 10 years already!)
  • Crumpler photography backpacks x 2 (gave away)
  • Crumpler Messenger Bag (gave away)
  • Safrotto photography backpack for big prime lens (traded away)
  • Manfrotto Bravo 50 camera backpack (gave away)
  • Kata 3N1-33 DL photography backpack
  • Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Bag (Messenger Bag)
  • Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag
  • Manfrotto Roller Pro VII Black Case
  • F-Stop Loka camera backpack

* Camera bags listing correct as of, when this article was prepared and written*

There is a camera bag for each different photography purpose/assignment/requirement, a camera bag for each occasion. While I do have extra bags in certain areas e.g. camera messenger bags, it is still useful to have backups and rotate the bags! Camera bags are like big and small accessories for the photographer, we really want to have more different kind of camera bags!


Finding my ideal camera bag took me quite some time before I am kind of settled down with camera bags that I really wanted and suits my photography assignment and needs. The F-Stop Loka photography backpack is at the moment my best camera bag investment till date. Although the F-Stop Loka that I bought was a used camera backpack that I took over from fellow photographer friend Weili of ByTheWei, this camera bag was something that I never regret buying (not like some of the other camera bags).


The Loka camera backpack is well designed and well thought out. It is also very comfortable with its back padding, making it ideal and excellent for carrying my Canon DSLRs, big prime lens (300mm f/2.8) and my other lenses (70-200mm f4 and 17-40mm f4) during my wildlife/birding/sports photography. These equipment setup can be really heavy and taxing on my shoulders, neck and back, therefore, a sturdy and reliable camera backpack like the F-Stop Loka really does the trick and work for us “heavy duty” photographers.

IMG_9135It is ideal for overseas travel, the size and length of the Loka camera backpack fits the carrier hand-carry luggage size (just don’t squeeze too many stuff and fill the Loka camera backpack to the brim). Currently, I am considering to use it for my local photography usage and not just overseas travel usage because of its excellent padding and support for my shoulders and back (even though it does look a bit big when I use it for the smaller events photography coverage here). The Loka camera backpack can be configured with the purchase of additional internal compartment units (ICU) that can be fitted into the F-Stop Loka camera backpack. I currently have two ICUs for my Loka camera backpack, for lightweight/travel and heavy duty photography requirements.


Photography by Renhao

Since I like my F-Stop Loka camera backpack so much, I did two photography profile shoots by fellow photographer friends Renhao and Jensen, docked in my wildlife photographer gear setup and outdoors clothing/hat. I might have just created my own photographer branding and trademark profile with my F-Stop Loka camera backpack, outdoors apparel and my Canon photography gears setup! At the moment, the F-Stop Loka has met most (if not all) of my different types of photography needs and requirements, maybe in the future, I might have the need for the F-Stop Mountain series camera backpacks. Sometimes, I found that unzipping the back padding and followed by unzipping the ICU, it can be quite a hassle since the ICU is designed to fit in very nicely inside the Loka camera backpack. I hope I can get used to unzipping it without too much hassles! The F-Stop Loka camera backpack is an excellent and lightweight, ideal for most photography assignments and travel photography. If you are planning for extra heavy duty and extreme outdoors photography, do take a look at their F-Stop Mountain Series camera backpacks!


Photography by Jensen

The prices of the F-Stop series of camera backpacks can be pricey and on the high side, on top of that, you still have to factor in the costs for additional ICUs for your F-Stop camera backpack. Personally, in my humble opinion, the F-Stop camera backpack is worth the (photography accessories) investment that you will not regret. For your information, the Loka has now been replaced by the Loka UL!

In Singapore, F-Stop equipment are not that common and it can be pretty hard to find a retail outlet that carry F-Stop equipment and also have stock. Therefore, it might be easier to purchase it online from F-Stop website. Alternatively, if you are traveling out for holidays, you can check out the camera shops in the country that you are visiting (they might have it).

I am excited with my F-Stop Loka camera backpack investment and I am looking forward to many photography adventures together with it!

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