F1 Racing Bus ! Have Pictures !

It was a late Tuesday Night, when I decided to take a F1 Racing Bus home…….




Post season Night Race hangover for me ……. nevertheless …… An interesting form of marketing and advertising !


  1. Hey this F1 Racing bus is a prop? Interesting leh! Never see before. Guess I miss out alot during the period of F1 night race while I was in Malaysia.

  2. Author

    This was inside one of our SBS Transit Bus, the advertiser is Panasonic ! Very interesting and cool !

    I think it is only on selected bus services 🙂

    Maybe we might see more of such advertising and marketing in the future !

  3. Interesting…with bucket seats to boot! Must have been quite a nice surprise for the commuters. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your new photoblog!

  4. Author

    Hi Lisa !

    Thanks for dropping by and your well wishes !

    Oh yes ! I was very surprised when I boarded the bus and found the bucket seats !

    Do drop by often !

  5. I will. I must say that you are very prolific–new stuff practically every day! Keep it up, Jinghui.

  6. Author

    Hi Lisa !

    Thanks for your support ! Would maintain my photoblog regularly with quality photos and articles !

  7. The chair above is now selling on eBay. Cheers!

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