Festival of lights and well wishes at Esplanade and Marina Bay Watefront – 25th December 2006

It was past midnight, in the early hours of Christmas Day. I was alone and just left my friends Jinguang and Huibing at their hotel room, and began to walk towards the Esplanade.

The Esplanade and Marina Bay Waterfront is an area that I really like a lot, the beautiful night sceneries, the walkway along the Esplanade that provides a place to relax and unwind and take photos too ! The Esplanade also holds some memories deep inside me …………….

I read about the Marina Bay Front holding some floats that was placed there by people with their well wishes written on it. It was a beautiful sight when different UV rays from the Esplanade Bridge, Marina South and Esplanade shines on them. During different intervals, spotlights from the Marina South area (future IR location) shot up into the sky …….. spreading the Lights and joy of Christmas to the Singapore.

Merry Christmas folks ! Happy New Year too !

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