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This is the 11th season of N.E.mation!, a competition for youths to express their notions on Total Defence through animation. I am happy to be involved again with this competition, this is my 6th year that I am involved in (since N.E.mation! 6) and this year is going to be a bit more special for me because I am able to take on the role of ambassador (my first time!) for five of the Top 10 teams that are participating and competing in the final round of this competition.

The theme for N.E.mation! 11 is “Together We Keep Singapore Strong” and the production period had commenced last week on the 21st November 2016, lasting till Friday 9th December 2016. I was supposed to start last week following, covering, photographing and writing on the five teams that I am ambassador for, however, due to urgent family matters, I was away for the whole week and I could only start on the second week of their production period.


I visited the N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 production phase location yesterday on Tuesday 29th November. I finally got the chance to meet the participants of the five teams that I am ambassador for. They were a great bunch of youths with lots of enthusiasm and energy to share about their progress on their animation production, the ideas and stories behind them.

Which of the five teams from N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 teams am I the ambassador for?

They are

I will be introducing each of the five teams in an individual article in my next few article posts. Besides that, I would also be sharing some updates on their progress (via my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Page) when I visit them again later this week and next week.

Meanwhile, do also follow N.E.mation! website, Facebook Page, TwitterInstagram and YouTube social media accounts too!

Alright folks! Follow me! On my journey and adventure, through my eyes and heart, sharing photographs and coverage of N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 Production Phase!

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