Formula 1 racing cars @ Singapore Motorshow 2006

Motorshow 2006 was graced by the presence of Formula 1 racing cars from Honda, Toyota and Ferrari. Even though there were only 3 models being showcased, it was still a great time to see them in Singapore. It would even be more exciting if Renault, McLaren Mercedes and the other F1 racing cars could make an appearance too at the motorshow.

Many visitors to the motorshow were happily taking photos of the Formula 1 racing cars and with F1 calender races in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Shanghai (China), Suzuka (Japan) and Melbourne (Australia), we Singaporeans are pretty near to hot, fast & furious, adrenaline racing action within 1 to 8 hours flight away (Not to mention Live TV). Looking back at the motorshow , Singaporeans are fanatics of cars (national obession ?? …. confirmed + guaranteed !!).

As you folks can deduce, I watch F1 races and I am a self-confessed car fanatic, love watching F1 races, street races, JGTC, Initial D etc etc….. Schumacher & Alonso gave F1 2006 end of season races very exciting to watch. With Schumi retirement, maybe the rise of Raikkonen, Alonso, Button ?? Let’s wait for Season 2007

Looking foward, I would love to travel to any of our friendly neighbours cities and watch F1 action live at the track, bringing my telephoto lense and putting it to the test and limits. Kuala Lumpur sounds like a good destination as it is really near to Singapore.

Maybe I should consider becoming a race driver (WRX street racer), seriously ….

Toyota Formula 1 Racing Car

Honda Formula 1 Racing Car (they have Jensen Button signature on it !)

Ferrari Forumla 1 Racing Car

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