Geometrics @ Central – 29th March 2008

Last Saturday on the 29th of March 2008, I went down to Central for another round of fashion catwalk photo shoot.

The theme was Geometrics – “Dominating the scene for office and party outfits are prints, checks, art-deco and monotones” – as listed on the official website showcasing the various fashion events.

I was a little bit late but still enjoyed myself thoroughly with the fashion photo shoot, great chance to improve my fashion/catwalk/portraits photography. Hope you folks enjoy the photos !

More photos can be seen here !


  1. Great photos.

    I love the blacks and whites – but the polka dots – ugh! Tell me it isn’t so!

    Is this really what fashion holds for the up coming summer? It’s very retro to the early 1980’s polka dot look. I remember having a pink and white polka dot dress similar.

  2. Hi kimba the white lioness,

    Thanks for dropping by !

    Some nice ladies fashion on catwalk display, whether or not, the polka dots are in fashion would be an interesting debate !

    Could be a retro feeling coming back !

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