Goals & Directions Settings for 2009

With the revamp and launch of my new photoblog, there were many changes on the facade, layout and marketing aspects of my new photoblog. It was a tactical and advancement move that I wanted to do it for some time, and finally, it was completed.

Looking foward, in conjunction with my personal blog, I am aiming to achieve the following goals for my blogging, to achieve by the end of 2009 :

(a) Page Rank = 6 

(b) Alexa Rank = 100,000

(c) Technorati Rank = 100

With regards to the directions, I would set myself higher standards to deliver high quality photographs, photojournalism, photography sharing and learning with all my readers here.

1. Providing support to professional photographers

2. Learn the art and techniques of studio photography and indoor lighting

3. Embarking on projects that I had wanted and planned to do for some time back, yet that was nothing kick start – Capturing Singapore’s historical places before it loses to capitalisation.

4. To travel and do my own photojournalism book of the adventures, cultures and lifestyle of people living in other different parts of the world (Shangri-La route and Angkor Wat)

5. Sharing and linking up with fellow photographers around the world. 

6. Teaching and sharing with friends who approached me to teach/share with them my photography knowledge.

As for my proposed travel destinations, I am looking at the following places for 2009
(1) Hong Kong
(2) Yunnan, China
(3) Angkor Wat, Cambodia
(4) Phuket, Thailand
By this written post, I set myself my goals and directions to achieve them in the year 2009. Stay tuned and thank you for your support !


  1. Hey Geng Hui,

    That’s really some aspiring goals you have set for yourself.

    It also makes me inspired to create some goals too.

    I’m sure you can achieve what you set out to do.

    Let 2009 be a memorable year for us! 😀

    Warm regards,


  2. Author

    Hi Brian

    Thanks for dropping by !!

    Looking foward to your goals and directions for 2009 ! May the year 2009 be a great year for you too !

    Thanks for your encouragement !!

  3. Author

    Hi Exotic photos from Borneo

    Thanks for your kind comments ! Do drop by often !!

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