Happy Founder’s Day !

The day of 22nd February, is an important date for everybody involved in the Scouting Movement, this special date is to mark the birthday of the founder of Scouting Movement, Lord Baden-Powell.

Today, I went back to Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group for Founder’s Day Celebrations and I was happy to be back there again with my juniors, fellow peers and seniors in Dragon Scouting. For those who followed my blog, you would know about my involvement (as much as possible) with the Dragon Scout Group since 1990 and the recent 85th Anniversary Celebrations in 2007. 

While I was trying to take photos of today’s actions and fun games, my Canon 30D “died” on me, displaying Error 99 and I couldn’t rectify it……. Nevertheless, I managed to capture a few photos ……

Do check out more photos here !!

To all my Dragon Scout Group members, past and present, Happy Founder’s Day 2009 !


  1. This is such an interesting event and I have never heard of this lord.

    Dragon scout sounds like a serious organisation.

    Great shots!

  2. These painting are so interesting and meaningful.

    Thank God your Canon captured these before he rested. And glad to know he is okay now!

  3. Author

    Hi roentarre

    This event is a must know for everybody involved in Scouting.

    Dragon Scout Group is more of a fun and loving Scout Group with very strong traditions and a rich history that is only rivaled by only a few other schools/scout groups in Singapore 😉

  4. Author

    Hi iWalk

    The boys and girls created some nice artwork & paintings and I was able to capture them before my DSLR crashed !

    It’s now back & running good again !

  5. Author

    Hi RennyBA

    Do check out more on the Scouting movement worldwide ! Joined your blog network too !

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