Helping Fellow Global Citizens

In my personal blog, I wrote a post on “When Mother Nature Strikes“.

With so many news reporting on the 2 natural disasters happening in Asia within the space of 2 weeks, it doesn’t feel good at all to see the situations in China and Myanmar. People from different parts of the world, had came foward to raise funds for the people affected, with countries instructing specialist search and rescue teams on standby to assist China when a official request is made.

We can all do something, to help our global citizens, contributions, raising more awareness, prayers and love for all. Conversing with a fellow blogger, iWalk, U2?, who had roots in the Chengdu, where she grew up in, wrote about the impacts of the earthquake. I tried my best to encourage her in this tough period, with many fellow bloggers dropping in and encouraging her too. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with her and the people affected by the disasters.

It’s also a strong signal by Mother Nature, reminding us to take care of our fragile ecosystem.

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