I ran across the Marina Barrage !

This morning, I just completed the Sheares Bridge Run and Army Half Marathon, it was a good run for me.

A very interesting part of the running route was running across the Marina Barrage. As I was a runner and did not bring my camera to take any photos, you can drop by their websites and take a look at their construction and development.
The Marina Barrage is almost complete and it is a very beautiful sight of the Marina Bay city skyline. When the Marina Bay area is fully developed in the near future, it will only get better.
I feel this region will be transform into a very vibrant area with excellent greenery and running tracks and last but not least, it might be another excellent location to capture fireworks at the Marina Bay.
Do keep a lookout, I would be writing on the Fireworks Festival French Romance soon.

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  1. Joyful running!
    Waiting for your report of the romantic Fireworks Festival. 😛

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