I Spotted 2 Rainbows on 25th and 26th July

Sometimes, in a whole year, I don’t even get to spot many rainbows at all and over many years, I don’t really get the chance to spot rainbows even when I am on the move. For the year 2015, I spotted three rainbows till date, it’s like a very strong omen for me, this year 2015 is going to be something very special and unique for me. My most memorable rainbow memory was the double rainbow in the year 2012!


The first rainbow that I spotted was beautiful rainbow on 7th June 2015 at DBS Marina Regatta and I wrote a story behind it. On Saturday 25th July and Sunday 26th July 2015, I managed to spot rainbows again, consecutively over two days! The rainbows brightens me up, it seemed like my photographic eyes never fails to spot a rainbow. There were some pretty rough and tough periods over the past few weeks, some will know what I went through, some will know where to read up and know what I went through.


Life is never smooth sailing, it has its own fair share of ups and downs, like a roller coaster ride, like a ship riding through a storm. At the end of the storm, we can hold our heads up high and discover the peace, beauty and tranquility at the end of the journey. Looking at the rainbow, the beautiful colours beckons and smiles at me. At the end of the rainbow, it signifies a pot of Gold and the magic that surrounds your dreams coming true.

The year 2015 had been an amazing year till date in some areas, yet there were times whereby I was really stressed and down as well. Now as I start to realign my ship to set sail in a True North direction, with my compass and the correct maps for the correct area of exploration, I am able to start fresh again and also to continue where I have left off. There are many more dreams, in my day job work, my photography and maybe something else too.

I also want to dedicate these 2 rainbows to you … You had been very brave and strong, fighting very hard, continue to be brave and strong. You will get stronger and slowly recover to where you were before.

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