Inspirations, Thoughts, Still Searching ….

During this period of time, I was searching for many things in my life, looking for aspirations, thoughts and what I really wanted to achieve in my career and how I want to approach my photojournalism.

It was a strong reflective time, something people can’t read and understand it from my words. However, by reading my writing, it could provide some answers to the puzzles I set (Da Vinci Code is my inspiration, intriguing, searching for the …..?).

As for photojournalism, I am making and refining my blog towards a leisure and travel lifestyle online log through the eyes and scriptures of my photojournalism trail. It would and might take a period of time. There is a magazine that gave me this inspiration.

I am taking on photography assignments and would be participating in more photoshoots with different friends. I may not post much pictures on my assignments but I would be looking foward to posting new photos of my group outings with my friends, colleagues, fellow photographers.

Guiding Lights to our destination

As we walked through the path in life, facing many different obstacles and sometimes darkness, feeling lost and forgotten. If you are reading this and feeling this thought, DON”T GIVE UP ! Keep on fighting ! The lights would appear and leads you to the door that would open when you keep on moving ahead and fighting for what you believe in.

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