Introducing N.E.mation! 11 Team N.E. HEH HEH

Team N.E. HEH HEH is from Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, they are one of the Top 10 teams competing in N.E.mation! 11. They are a team of enthusiastic and friendly girls. The team members are Sarah, Wang Lei, Michelle and Karen. During my visit to their production booth, I had a fun time chatting with them, learning more about their story title, their storyboard, progress and updates.


Since this is an introduction article post on Team N.E. HEH HEH, I would be sharing a bit of an insight into what they are doing and what is their animation clip all about? For this team, their animation is a bit special, a hybrid of both digital and stop motion animation!

Team N.E. HEH HEH story is based on gratitude – thanking people in the Singapore Armed Forces. They would be using plastic cups to showcase their stories and animation. What do you think the girls from Team N.E. HEH HEH is going to come up with for their themes? Remember to follow Team N.E. HEH HEH on the social media channels for their updates!


They have a very interesting team name, put their team name together in one word – nehehheh, sounds like a evil laughter. Their team name is indeed very catchy, gets the attention of the public! Sarah and Wang Lei are two experienced participants of N.E.mation! and the experiences would definitely come in handy at the Top 10 competition stage.

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Stay tuned for more updates on Team N.E. HEH HEH progress!

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