It’s been 1 year photoblogging …..

Today marks the day that I have been photoblogging for 1 year. Time really flies…..

First and foremost, I would like to thank all my readers who pop in here and read about my photojournalistic writings and photographs. It was a very wonderful experience photoblogging, brought me to a different level of taking photography and writing my experiences through my photographs.

I believed my photoblogging still has a long journey ahead before my photographs speak for themselves or even complemented with my photojournalistic writing, would my photographs become more “powerful”.

Photojournalistic style is something that I am developing and working on and it has also become my passionate hobby that gives me such an enriching and fulfiling experience and allowing me to break away my stress from my work and pressure. Photoblogging gives me the opportunity to be back in touch with my roots and it felt very encouraging to be back in a small capacity to be involved with my Dragon Scout Group.

Moving foward, thanks for everybody’s support and I would continue to strive and excel in my photoblogging.

Flowers for all

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