Latest Toy – The Singapore Flyer


There had been a lot of buzz in Singapore recently, upcoming events, new buildings on the way up, new attractions. One of the latest addition to Singapore’s attractions is our Singapore Flyer.

It was opened earlier for corporate entities before officially opening to the public not too long ago. The giant flyer stands out in Singapore’s CBD and Marina Bay landscape, especially in the night, when it lights up the dark sky. Moreover, it would be a great photo spot/location/background for the upcoming Formula 1 coming to Singapore in September 26 – 28.

I was inspired to go walk down and take a look at our new giant toy and I was blown away just by standing beneath it. It’s really huge and I look foward to be up at the top of the world, enjoying a moving experience, enjoying a bird’s eye view of Singapore and taking lots of photos.

More photos can be view here.

Ready for a ride ? Hope you folks enjoy the ride and share your photos and experiences !


  1. The flyer? Where’s the originality?

    Like the Discovery center, or Crazy Horses… the flyer will end up as just another white elephant.

  2. great shots anyway. love the blue neon colour

  3. Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for dropping by and thank you for your feedback.

  4. Hmm, looks like I’m not the only one who was struck by that incredible blue neon color. That kind of blue is not often seen. Nice work.

  5. Hi Bobbie,

    The neon blue is unique as you said, very captivating for me too.

  6. Hi Ujang

    Thanks for dropping by my blog !

    Yes, thanks for warning me about other people copying my blog posts, still observing and would take necessary further action.

  7. Like UFO 🙂

  8. Hi pictures of moscow,

    From a side top view look, they does look like a UFO !

  9. Hi, thanks for your comments and also for the promotion information !

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