Me-In (美/In) Presents Work, Play, Love fashion from Korea

Beautiful people, inner beauty and leading fashion forward, this is the theme and distinct trademark of Me-In (pronounced as “Mi – In” in Korean). Me-In, the Korean lifestyle online store is inspired by the “It Girl”, a young woman that possesses the indefinable quality of beauty and fashion. The Me-In “It Girl” is an absolute attraction without overly flaunting her sexuality and it’s all about being a Forever Girl!


I was honoured and very happy to be invited to view, enjoy, share and celebrate the modern “It Girl” style by Me-In, the Korean lifestyle online store in Singapore recently on 12th May 2014, at Zafferano in Singapore. KIM Hyejin, the very beautiful and gorgeous Creative Director of Me-In, who conjures very beautiful images of the “It Girl” and she is assisted by her stylist Song-yee Gil. Shopping at Me-In is indeed special and unique because you will get a head to toe experience to dress up!


I have to confess that I am an avid Korean Pop (K-Pop) and Korean Dramas (K-Drama) fan! I am also amazed and fascinated by the modern, colourful taste and designs of Korean fashion! Me-In strikes and leaves a deep impression with me when I saw their fashion and accessories during their presentation here in Singapore. Me-In is borne from the desire to serve the modern pragmatic women. For a modern woman in today’s society, their lifestyle is demanding and fast paced, and the modern woman requires her to be always ready for the challenges to meet for the day ahead.

During Me-In presentation and launch event, Me-In presented Work, Play, Love fashion themes and let me share with you more below!


In Korea, work takes on a more formal take on fashion than Singapore (probably due to its four seasons climate). Nowadays, it is moving away from the traditional “stuffy” office look. Look at Creative Director KIM Hye Jin with the Work fashion theme; the classic colours on her dress offset what would traditionally be considered a design that is too informal for the Korean workplace. Along with her jacket to accompany her, it adds a modern cut and degree of sophistication.

DSC00972 - Version 2


During the Me-In presentation, they showed 3 different fashion styles and themes of Play. I would like to share on this particular Play fashion style and theme that particularly caught my attention. The gorgeous model is wearing a top that has a unique rough texture and it takes a truly stylish person (shown by the creativity of Me-In) to take this fashion a step further and show their creativity through textures. An unbalanced design can make a fashion dressing go very wrong, however, Me-In fashion creativity shows how an unbalanced detail makes and adds a special touch to an otherwise ordinary miniskirt.

DSC00990 - Version 2


During the Me-In presentation, they showed 3 different fashion styles and themes of Love. I would like to share on this particular Love fashion style and theme that particularly caught my attention. This beautiful, gorgeous and really cute model; is dressed up in a bright, distinctive and eye-catching Yellow colour! The current season is spring, and Yellow is the colour of the moment in Korea! The colour Yellow is bright, warm, and vibrant, giving people a lovely and joyous impression! Even though Singapore doesn’t have four traditional distinct climate seasons like Korea, ladies here in Singapore can also follow Korean style as they change throughout the year and it is definitely a fun way to vary your wardrobe with bright and colourful fashion clothing!

DSC01009 - Version 2

Me-In presentation of Work, Play, Love was very colourful and eye-catching! There were other fashion themes and styles showcased during Me-In presentation on Work, Play, Love and you can visit my Flickr photography collection to view them!

Ladies, you MUST VISIT Me-In website and be mesmerized by the beautiful images of the “It Girl” and discover the fashion and accessories for the modern pragmatic lady! For the Gentlemen, you MUST VISIT too and know what you can buy for your partner!

Me-In website –

Me-In Facebook Page –

What amazes me about Me-In Korean fashion lifestyle store is that their fashion taste, creativity and designs are international and universal; it can fit in almost anywhere and everywhere in the world!

I would like to say a big Thank You to Me-In Korean lifestyle online store and Belinda Tan for the invitation to Me-In launch Work, Play, Love!

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