Star Wars Lego Collection Starting I Am!

I have a number of hobbies and interests, some are not openly and widely broadcasted around to my friends! I am a big fan of Star Wars and Lego toys were part of my childhood days growing up. These were two of my interests and they were slowly reawaken from my “hidden treasure box” to start my Star Wars Lego collection. I was amazed and mesmerised by my cousin Joel’s Lego collection, especially his Star Wars Lego collection! He had a dedicated full height glass cabinet to showcase and display his Lego collection, that’s one of my inspiration!


There were 2 photographers that I got to know via social media platforms, their photographs of replicating scenes with Star Wars toys and Star Wars Lego were another source of big inspiration for me! If you are a Star Wars and Lego fan, you have to check out all the awesome works by Vesa Lehtimaki and Jooka5000! I hope to slowly build my Star Wars Lego collection and create something like them too! Not too long ago, I visited the Sandcrawler building, located in the Biopolis area, to look for Master Yoda! Fellow photographer DK is another big fan of Star Wars and Lego, he regularly posts photographs of Lego figurines in very interesting poses and captions!


The fire to start off my Star Wars Lego collection was slowly firing up and armed with some shopping vouchers, I begun my journey into, A New Hope, A New Republic, with Star Wars Lego Microfighter series, Millennium Falcon, TIE Interceptor and AAT, along with Utapau Troopers. It’s a humble start to my Star Wars Lego collection and I am looking forward to slowly adding my favourite Star Wars (I want to get the Millennium Falcon first! Maybe X-Wing Fighter or Red Five X-Wing Star Fighter, AT-RT, TIE Fighter and probably many more!) Lego toys and will apply my photography skills and techniques to replicate Stars Wars scenes! Here’s my humble Star Wars Lego collection on Flickr and I hope to share more interesting and bigger Star Wars Lego projects in the near future!


Combining my three hobbies/interests, photography, Star Wars and Lego, it’s the start of a new and long journey, it’s A New Hope! Oh yes, Jedi Master Yoda is my favourite Star Wars character!


“Star Wars Lego Collection Starting I Am! May The Force Be With You!”

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