Mini Moo Moo Mini

Moo cards, my previous experience with them had been great, love the quality of the Moo Business cards and they allow 50 different photographs to be printed on the Moo Business Cards !

This time round, I decided to produce a set of Moo Mini Cards for a change, something that would be easier for name cards exchange during social media networking events or bloggers events and as a special and unique name card to give away to people.

Presenting to you my Moo Mini Cards collection !

If you are ever considering whether to give Moo cards a shot, go ahead, try it out, you won’t regret it ! 🙂


  1. I printed my last set of namecards at and i thought it was brilliant. While it’s not a luxe product like Moo, it sure is an efficient, quick, and simple way of getting namecards or calling cards printed, within a short time frame.

    If you ever need to print simple cards, I highly recommend them! Comes with delivery anywhere in SG, too! 😉

  2. They looked so pretty I can’t bear to give them away…

  3. i need a new set!
    my old set of moo cards sort of ‘got outdated’. hehe

  4. Author

    Hi Daphne

    Thank you for sharing ! Would check them out too !

  5. Author

    Hi DC

    Yes, they are very pretty, I know how you feel 🙂

    It’s very good for friendship, branding & networking !

  6. Author

    Hi keropokman

    Great ! Hope to exchange moo cards with you soon ! 😀

  7. Now this is interesting..
    If I have one, I think I’ll keep them to myself.. haha!
    Thanks for sharing the link.. Now I got to have one myself.. ;P

  8. Author

    Hi Cashmere

    Looking forward to Moo Mini Cards & exchanging mine with you ! 😀

  9. I loved the Moo mini cards from Foodbuzz so much, I decided to create my own as well.

    Alas, my experience was not as pleasant. They lost my package in the mail, not once, but TWICE! And finally after weeks of frustration, they had to use DHL. It reached me, but my enthusiasm had waned. My cards seem to have a yellow tinge to it too.

    I still like their concept though.

  10. Author

    Hi Camemberu

    Understand where you coming from, sometimes customer service standards might take a fall & affect our experiences & likes for it.

    Hope you would try Moo cards again & look forward to exchange Moo mini cards with you 🙂

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