MPT Sprint / SuperSprint 2007 – 4th November 2007

Today, beside the grounds of our National Stadium (our Grand Old Lady) Car Park F, it was a hot day but it did not deter us away from watching the beauty of tyres burning and fast cars. This event was called MPT Sprint / SuperSprint 2007, organised by MPT Motor Trading.

I was watching fast cars sprinting across the car park, pushing and testing themselves the limits and speed of their sports cars. Many different sports cars, WRX, EVO, EG6 etc etc were there to be part of this carnival. Due to safety concerns, we were standing a set of carpark lots behind. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed watching the sports cars going for their runs.

There were other competitions ongoing as well during the carnival. Autostyling display by proud car owners, ultimate sound challenge and race queen competition ! Some selected photos from this event….

Looking foward to be a 2 Fast 2 Furious …..


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